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Louise Moyes Winner of The Canada Council for the Arts' Victor Martyn Lynch-Staunton Award 2016 for Innovation in Dance by a mid-career artist!

How great when 'What is it exactly you do?' turns to 'Innovation in dance'.

GLOBE AND MAIL St. John’s Women Review:

"Moyes’ interdisciplinary fusion of film and live dance is deliciously droll – her witty brand of docu-dance defines the Newfoundlander’s penchant for self-deprecating humour....As a mover, Moyes is clean, precise and lyrical, with a filigreed delicacy of gesture.The dance sections are clever. ..This richly layered piece is a delight from start to finish,and Lori Clarke’s and Delf Hohmann’s music captures the gentle irony of the work."

Paula Citron The Globe and Mail