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A gorilla, a child, a man and Heidegger cross paths one day in a zoo in Rotterdam, trying to "break through that retaining wall of time"  - and other enclosures, real or imagined. Are we ready for the onslaught when the barriers break between animal and human, time and being? And who will forgive us? 

Louise Moyes on All Zoos Everywhere

Used with permission from Lisa Moore, appears in The Selected Short Fiction of Lisa Moore, published by the House of Anansi, 2012.

Concept and choreography: Louise Moyes and Anne Troake

Performed by: Louise Moyes

Sound: Lori Clarke

Music: UAKTI

Funders: Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts, City of St. John’s.

Performed in self-presentation at LSPU Hall St. John’s, NL; Older and Reckless Fest Toronto, ON; Performance Mix Festival, New York, NY


On Vimeo:

Full Length        Excerpts:

" This piece, presented by Moyes at the LSPU Hall in early March 2013, combined two of my favourite artists. Exquisite choreography and interpretation by Moyes in adapting the fantastic Lisa Moore short story, "All Zoos Everywhere," using her unique documentary/dance approach combined for a captivating, funny, and very memorable performance."

- One of the Top Three Performances in 2013, The Overcast, St John's, NL


“A Festival Highlight”, dance critic Henry Baumgartner NYC


A moment in time stopped, I was all in Louise's hands, held by her presence and by the absurdity of the stories. A joy to watch and above all - a woman with so much richness and so full of movement.

Katerina Radeva, Curator, Flint Festival England