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  • Louise develops special projects in storytelling, dance, theatre, video, and/or radio for and with students and their teachers.
  • Through her own docu-dance stories and video work, Moyes teaches students about the history, sociology and geography of Newfoundland and Labrador and Quebec in hour-long cultural and history lessons tailored around specific geographic regions (South Coast, Port-au-Port etc). The oral histories of the people she has interviewed over the past 15 years also lead, through discussion, to students gaining an appreciation for the importance of oral histories of their own community.
  • As part of the projects she teaches documentary interviewing skills and sends students out into their community to interview family etc on their lives and on the histories of their area.
  • This is then followed by making their own project. Moyes gives the students movement and voice classes and together they develop theatre, dance, and/or video or radio projects, depending what’s available at the school.
  • These kind of performances are ideal for teaching ways of exploring and expressing their own culture. Students produce a show that they will be able to keep performing at school or community events. They gain tools to continue this kind of exploration on their own. Furthermore they learn about theatrical techniques, anatomy, language, artistic and technical skills and group dynamics.
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