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SCHOOL TOURS – available upon request

The Port-au-Port Story.  In November 2005 the Arts and Culture Centres presented a provincial tour of The Port-au-Port Story/ L’Histoire du Port-au-Port directed by Louise Moyes. It was seen by over 1200 French first, French immersion and core French students in 15 communities and more than 25 schools. Teachers were thrilled for the opportunity to bring their students to a stage show that presented the Port-au-Port’s history, music, songs, dances and traditional story in such an engaging, lively format. With musicians Doug and Mattis Benoit and their cousin, Romano DiNillo, Moyes hosted, sang, danced and told a traditional tale as well as developed French and English versions of a study guide to help teachers to prepare students for the show. Commissioned by Sound Symposium, through a grant from the Government of Canada.

Study guide available upon request.